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Being Cryst is what I wanted to

October 7, 2009

Been in idle mode for a while now.

Was thinking for close my blog for invited readers at first, but couldn’t figure out the way. Was thinking to switch back to Blogger, but that’s gonna be too much trouble. During this period, I kept thinking if I should just stop blogging completely. It’s not like I have much time to blog. Not like people will be interested to read what I blogged about. It’s not like I’m gonna gain anything from blogging. And due to some privacy issue, sometimes I felt the need to mind my language, to control what I’m publishing to public and limits myself from Being Cryst.

The worst part is that sometimes I get comments like I’m being ‘too public’ , which in my own dictionary, I define that as public toilet. People came telling me I love attention, some told me it seems like I love the whole world to know everything about myself and I have no private life. I put a deaf ear to it at first, but after some time, it sorta got into me. I mind what these people are telling me, and I hate people to judge me, especially those close to me.

I was reading through my archives few days back and I suddenly realised I love my own writings! Reading back my old blog posts did somehow reminded me of what had happened in my life, be it good or bad. I have no idea/ lost memory of what happened throughout the period that I stopped blogging. And I’m also surprised that I actually had those thoughts last time that I considered immature today. I laughed about it, and call it a day. I admit, I love receiving comments. It made my day. Call me public, but I guess now I know what I love to do best.

And today I decided to continue blogging.
This blog will still be open to public, ‘cos I have no idea if it could work like Blogger. Some post will be locked, as usual.

Hi, cyberworld ;)


TWO sisters, ONE passion

October 1, 2009


Give us some support girls! ;)

When I thought I’m smart enough..

September 16, 2009

Great. I just lost the mojo to blog. And just when I wanted to start blogging again and close my blog for invited users, I didn’t know how to. Fuck this shit man.

Wth, I remembered there’s this feature to lock the entire blog and log in by keying in the password right?

Anyone care to guide?

Close, yet again..

September 3, 2009

Thinking of closing my blog to invited readers only. Am revealing too much info about myself.

Do comment with your email address if you’d like to continue reading my boring rambling. I will email you the password to access my blog. Please also tell me a little about yourself (include your blog url if you have one!)

And please, do not fake your identity! (for God is watching you!!)


August 28, 2009

Guess what, I’m so damn addicted with FB games already. When my sister told me about Pet Society (PS) few months back, I was doubting the child in her. Until when I finally decided to have personal touch with PS for the very first time, I got addicted.


Y’see, all these I bought with my own hard work. The last pic is my new room, nothing much yet. ‘Cause I’m damn broke already. Spent almost 3000 coins on buying 6 of the most expensive mystery box today, to get that haloween wizard, but failed miserably.. Left with 718 coins now, gotta eat shit to survive already.

Oh btw, my pet’s name is Shitty! :D

Everyone, meet Shitty!


Shitty, meet everyone!

Check out the cool star-shaped sunnies she’s wearing. Also from that 500 coins mystery box I bought today.

Shucks, I should stop talking about PS now, I seemed like hardcore gamer.

I’m going back to Taiping in 3 hours time with the bf! So damn excited already..

Hello long weekends! :D 


August 26, 2009

 I was stuck in the middle of traffic jam after work yesterday. Was chatting with the bf through phone and suddenly heard police siren from behind. I told the bf, “You see, at time like this, the VIP still wanna make it more jam!” and kept grumbling as the traffic wasn’t moving.

Minutes later, the policeman in motorbike showed hand signal to me asking me to give way to the VIP and I grumbled to the bf even more. And later, the VIP’s car stopped right next to me as the car in front of me wasn’t moving. I turned to my right to check out the VIP’s car and OH MY HOLY MAMA!!!

I shouted, “MAHATHIR!!!!!! I SAW MAHATHIR!!!! IT’S MAHAHIR!!!!!! AHHhHhhHHHh~!!!!!!!”

The bf was like, huh?? Omg, seriously I’ve never expect to see him in real. And it’s like less than half a metre from me omg!! I’ve been admiring him since I was a kid y’see.

The precious moment happened and ended too fast that I was too shocked to respond. What I did was just kept shouting that tears kept rolling down my cheek wtf. Seriously my heart was pumping so hard that time, not even during Eason’s concert.

After I hung up with the bf, I called my mum and sis and shouted again. AhhHhhHH!!!!!!

Back home I shouted for another time. AhHhHhhhhHhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

No picture taken but I held this piece of tissue tight – for the tears I shed for my idol..



I’m still shocked.

The art of eating sunny side up

August 25, 2009


So good… mmm~ ;)