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March 16, 2017

Took a picture last night to show Cayden how horrible he sleeps at night. How he just couldn't sleep nicely instead of turning and tossing and kicking. Few times his leg landed on my face and it hurt goddamn much.

Kids exercising early in the morning. Mae is in that 'bye' tee. Omg her school damn chan compared to those I see here in Dayre. What to do here not much choices. And this school reminds me of my own ex-kindy. It's been operating for 30 over years! Hahaha nostalgic much! Teachers are so experienced here and I'm not worried.

Kids posing for me while waiting for lunch.


Getting more and more like her mother. 😅


What kinda face is this? 😅


When I asked him to pose nicely and show me his handsome face. I wonder where he learn this from…..

Monkey see monkey do!


March 10, 2017

Someone refused to wake up for school this morning! 😂

March 7, 2017

Went to get ice cream when the kids still in school so I can eat in peace 😂 then purposely took a pic to show them when they are back! #shitmom hahahahaha

Actually went to the mall to check out new crocs for Cayden cos he's outgrowing the current one. They're having buy 1 free 1 promotion now. Shortlisted a few a took a pic for Cayden to choose. He picked the black and white one. He already has same pair in navy previously.

Picked the kids from school and Mae came back with party pack again. I wanna cry 😭 They both came back with a bag of party pack each yesterday and full of junk food!!! Cayden's had 4 lollipops inside omg where r those parents thinking?? 😓 And so it's my magic time again.. now u see, now u don't! 😏

Went for lunch and this boy damn independent went to order two macarons for himself and Mei Mei… I don't know to laugh or cry 😒

Just confirmed the design for my dry kitchen. Not using grey cos was told the one I picked no longer in production. 😒 I chose champagne acrylic in the end.

March 5, 2017

Discovered this cool pool nearby today all thanks to Cayden's fren's mom. But Mae did not enjoy as much though cos she's kinda afraid of the humongous pail on top that kept pouring water down when it's full. Cayden too was afraid, but he had heaps of fun with his two friends Leo and An Qi.

Thanks Leo's mom for the pic. The two kids are Cayden's classmates from ex-kindy. They used to be really close back then. So glad that we r able to arrange play dates for them weekly now after not meeting each other for a year plus. And glad that they're still clicked!

The playground is quite nice too, but Mae is too young for it.

The hubby went to Melaka last week and came back with bracelets for Mae. Little did he knw those are friendship bracelets. So I told Mae about friendship bracelets and she can give one to her best friends.

Guess who got the bracelet? 😌 Proud until….. 😂 I hope in still your best friend when u're a teen.. lol!

Baked some chocolate banana muffins yesterday with the kids for the first time and I think will be the last time also… hahahaha wait till they're bigger la ok 😅 they both fight for who gets to pour the flour, sift the flour, stir the batter and all. Here's koko sharing some chocolate chips with Mei Mei while waiting for the oven to warm up.

It turned out quite good! Cayden walloped most of it. Made 19 small muffins and nothing left today. And when I asked him if he wanna make some today to bring to school tomorrow, he said no. He had too much 😂

Also brought the kids to pasar malam last night as Cayden has been asking for sugar cane. He learnt about it the other day in school and was asking me to buy him some. So brought a cup of sugarcane and asked the uncle to cut him a small chunk to try at home.

In the car he said "Later we go back home cut a hole and I'll drink from the hole"

😂 No baby….. u don't eat it this way 😅

March 3, 2017

Crazy weather! Rained every few minutes then stopped and suddenly sky turned very bright and suddenly heavy downpour again! Been like this for the past few days 😕

Quick errand run before picking up the kids. Getting some supplies for baking tomorrow! Gonna bake banana chic chips muffins… easiest of all 😇

Picked Mae from school then she told me:

M: Nathanan came to school.
me: Oh.. did he cry?
M: He drink water.. and then he vomit seaweed.


Music class.

March 2, 2017

Got free time now so better update a bit. The kids are in school and I'm glad that they both love going to school now. Hopefully everything will still be good next year when Cayden is in P1 though. Decided to switch Cayden to another school but yet to register him. The current school we enrolled him is afternoon session for whole 3 years and morning session from P4-6. But it'll be a hassle when Mae gets to P1 cos by then Cayden will be in P4! Means one morning the other afternoon.

Don't want to drive them both from morning till night so better opt for morning sessions for both. Also I figured out he'll have more time for himself if he studies morning session. His cousin sister is in P1 afternoon session this years and her life sucks. Seriously.

House update

This is the design given by ID for our dry kitchen. Still deciding on the laminates though. Though choice! And I'm not sure if I should go full heights for the cabinets – more storage. The area is quite small as I insisted for an island. Die die also want island 😅

Here's another view from the old design before I decide on grey laminates. The one on far left is the glass overlooking the kids playroom. We will be hacking this wall so I can watch over the kids in the playroom from kitchen while I'm preparing meals or whatever.

Color chosen for the dry kitchen. Marble laminates for the backsplash. Still indecisive wether to have marble laminates for the island. Or just plain white. Should I go all grey for the cabinets?

Like this?

Or half white and half grey?

Like this?

The living room and dining room design has been confirmed. Let me share some pics.

Living room.

Another view. Might be changing the laminates for the altar. Too much marbles are quite suffocating hahahha. Any not sure if we really need that full length mirror. Or change it to storage as well.

Dining room. Thinking to do photo features at the wall instead of putting decor.

Something like this. With a row of track lights on top.

Things the kids say

One night as I was boobing Mae to sleep, she suddenly got up, looked into my eyes and asked me in a very serious tone:

"Pao pao (bolster) is made from Siew Pao.. correct or not?"

Hahahhaha!!!! Really laugh die me!! 😂


At the pool.

Daddy: This is very good pool 'to' u to learn swimming.

Cayden: FOR u. Not TO u. Happy birthday TO u ah???

😂 i laughed so hard I almost peed in the pool.

Lunch with the kids. Decided to go for Subway today.

Didn't expect Mae to like it too! I have never brought Mae for Subway before. Looks like we can go more often #winwin


OMG OMG so nice take all my money!!! 😍

Look at these shoes!!! 😍

OMG those tassels!! 😍

I have soft spots for anything embroidered 😍😍😍

Equally a lot of new arrivals for boys too but as usual lah… tees and pants. Girls have so much choices!!! 😍😍😍😍 OMG OMG some more the hubby is not home tonight…. how……….?????? 😍😍😍

December 13, 2016

Last week of school holiday program! They went to Dominos Pizza this morning.

Brought back pizza that he made to share with Mei Mei. Cayden walloped 3 slices and Mae took a few bites and claimed it's 'spicy'. No chilies, I think she really dislikes tomato paste.

Enrolled him for baking class last Sunday and he made butter cake with teddy bear fondant. The class is kinda pricey though, RM100 for that fondant thing I think this gonna be the last time sending him there.

They already pre-baked a butter cake layered with fondant for the kids. they only learn to do the fondant. Might as well I teach him to do it using play dough at home.

He kept saying the cake is for Mei Mei 😍

But so nice confirm not he do wan laaaaaaaa…. I know his skill well 🤔

Me time.