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December 15, 2009


I promise it’ll be the last time..


November 24, 2009

i forgot how to blog..

Honey bee

November 11, 2009

Picture that made me smile today.

:) :) :)

Copy of P1170127

I am who I am partly because of you,
You are YOU because of me, too.

I ♥ you


Currently drolling over these..

November 10, 2009


I love.

I want.

I need.

All of these…

p/s: I mean those dresses, not the girl.

Autumn mood on

November 6, 2009

It’s kinda weird to see my sitemeter is rising everyday despite me not been updating that frequently. I reminded myself almost daily, to blog, at least a short post. But by the end of the day, I’m still procrastinating. I couldn’t figure out what to blog about. I’ve been stalking many blogs for the longest time and I’m curious how they have so much to blog about everyday. And how they find the time to blog. My sister once told me that her son asked her why I have so much to blog about.

Sorry Kent G, EE  finally has nothing to blog about now.

It feels so much like autumn lately. The sky is grey and the weather is chilly. Been raining almost every evening for the past few days. It sucks. Took me almost 2 hours to reach home everyday. TWO FREAKING HOURS can you believe it?? Sometimes I’ll just drop by Pavilion before heading home to avoid the jam. By dropping by means shopping sightseeing and spending some moolah. I’m on shopping ban eversince I’m back from Bangkok. Well, more on online shopping ban. ‘Cause I saw most of the stuff in Bangkok at fraction of price and I don’t think I’ll be contributing to any Bangsar boutique for the time being.

I’ve been very disciplined in recording my daily expenses since last month. Spent a not-very-decent-amount on shopping. Probably I did not realise the amount spent last time as I’ve not been recording them down. It freaks me out seriously. I am on serious shopping ban this month! *determined*

Due to kegatalan yang tidak dapat dikawal, I went to snap off my fringe last week! Was halfway doing photoshoot for 2nd July and wth, I realised I looked extremely horrible with my almost balding + flat + paria hairstyle! So in the afternoon, off I went to Shawn Cutler. Tried a new stylist this time (forgot his name) and I think he did a good job. Initially I was thinking of trying Shawn himself but he had full appointment that day.


 And yes, I’m pretty satisfied and I think I’ll be going back to him next time ;)

Oh, by the way, 2nd July was updated for the third time yesterday!





Go feast your eyes and buy, buy, buy k!! ;)

Off to Kuantan after work.. it’s been so long..

In point form

October 22, 2009

1) Craving for mixed rice with lots of vege at the moment. Had oyster rice for lunch just now and the sambal damn good…

2) Topshop Mid-Season Sales start today, and I’m in dilemma now. To go or not to go, that’s the question.

3) Stucked in the middle of traffic jam the other day at Maju Expressway and later got to know that the jam was caused by vehicles who stopped for a little kitten to cross the road.. aww.. ;)

4) Conversation with the bf the other day:

The bf: I’m busy with my work now. Gotta submit P&L tomorrow.
Me: P&L…
The bf: Profit and loss.
Me: Oh.. I thought pantyliner… :D
The bf: -________________-“


5) Bought a little notebook to jot down my daily expenses. Been 6 years since I last did that! Feel damn proud of myself. *pats back*

6) Cafe World experiencing some technical problem now. I logged into the Fan Page and there’re so many fans complaining that their foods are all burnt out now and customers left their cafe and will never return. They also asking for compensation.. HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! Crazy people!!!! but my foods surely gone also.. ;(

7) It’s weird that I did not at all speak a word to my collegue who sits behind me for 2 days continously. Minding our own business. It’s like we’re so transparent to each other.

8) Go support 2nd July now. Thankyouverymuch.

9) I got nothing to blog about now.

10) Shall stop here and will blog again when the feel is back.

Losing myself

October 16, 2009

Just changed my layout. Very minimal and dull. Somehow I don’t really fancy colourful and funky stuff, at the moment. Haih, die la.. am I losing myself?

I lost the passion for blogging after knowing about the incident that my sister received a call from a stranger who claimed that he had gotten her son. It was so real that they even had a crying kid as prop wtf.  After much hoo-haa this and that, it was just another prank call. Thank God they were smart enough to check on my nephew at school. The society is getting crazier each day.

Wah… damn great. I started typing since 10am in the morning and it’s now 5:09pm.. I have no idea what to blog about. *sigh* Gimme some time… I wonder what happen to me..

Going back Tpg later after work! Happy Dewali everyone…