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Mae’s first night without boobie juice…

October 10, 2017

Tonight is the first night Mae fell asleep without latching on. Yes, at 3yo, Mae still needs to latch to sleep.

She did not fuss.

Brought her to get her filling done earlier today and dentist advised us to stop night feeding. This is not her first time getting filling already. Probably 3rd or 4th time?

The cavities were getting too bad this time and there were ‘drilling’ involved. She was controlling her tear and I could feel her trembling a little as I sat her on me during the process.

This is the before pic. Quite bad right. 😢

She asked for boobie juice at first and promised to drink water after that. I said ok and she really sucked for just a little while and quickly went to drink some water. I then scratched her back, patted her, hugged her.. she was tossing and turning.. kept kissing me and telling me “I love you”. I explained to her that I know this is hard for us but it’s time to take care of her teeth cos dentist said if the cavities gets worse, she might need to remove it.

Or do root canal.

Like… WHAT?!!

Took her some time to fall asleep but I’m glad there’s no tears involved. She seemed to understand the whole situation. I told her she can drink tomorrow morning when she wakes up.

Part of me really wants to wean her off cos y’know.. she’s really big girl now and I need my boobs back 😒 But part of me feel sad if we end this special bonding between us. (Only bf moms will understand)

Let’s see how she’ll progress from here…


August 11, 2017

Omg it just feels like my daughter is getting married lol!!! Her birthday is still a week away and I've been preparing for like weeks or probably 1-2 months ago 😂 super kiasu! And it's not like any big celebration or whatever.. just a simple candle blowing in school 😂

Why oh why…..

But I really enjoy prepping for parties la… decor, cake, party packs and all. After Mae's I think I can start prepping for Cayden's in Oct 😅

August 9, 2017

Insisted to wear this dress to nursery today even it's still tad big on her. Went to choose her own bracelet and told me they matches when she caught me staring at her from afar… 😂

And this poor boy… down with fever so staying home today!

July 5, 2017

Any #ezbuy my sifus here?

Tried placing my first order the other day and I took up the 5days trial for prime membership. By right the shipping should be RM8.8 flat right?

ETA shown 3/7 but I haven't receive anything.. are there any steps I missed? Items will b delivered to doorstep right?

Am I supposed to get an overseas address? 😱

April 25, 2017

Sent some items for Tzu Chi donation Centre in the morning. Some clothing and toys.. feel so good to make more space at home!

Found this in Mae's party pack from school! OMG!! What are those parents thinking???? Who put these China-made sweets in 3yo party pack?!!! I am mad angry!!! 😡😡😡😡

Mae took this pic for us during lunch! Nubbad wor…..

April 14, 2017

Clearing a lot of baby items!

Fisherprice amazing Choo-Choo train RM80

Skiphop monkey Safety Harness Rm50

New label-label comfort blankie RM35

Sailorgirl Romper RM20

Next U.K. Bathrobe RM60

Carters set RM40

And a lot more! Check them out at…

March 28, 2017

Been raining since last night… it feels like monsoon is here again…